Wow! see the view from the terrace in Japan

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if you are confused Things to do in Tokyo, Japan you do not need to go to far away places to enjoy beautiful cafes with beautiful views. The country has many places with easy transportation access and is very suitable to be visited on weekends.

Here are some of the best places to choose from to spend your short weekend in Japan:

Biwako Terrace

Enjoy the full view of Lake Biwa from here

North Terrace opened in the summer of 2018 yesterday. This place also offers a wide view of the lake.

Biwako Valley Ropeway will take visitors to the top of the mountain in five minutes (ticket price is 2,500 yen for adults).

Single size gelato (450 yen per piece) is also sold at the cafe terrace.

Biwako, or Lake Biwa, is the largest and most famous lake in Japan. Near the lake there is Biwako Terrace which allows visitors to enjoy the view of the lake from the Biwako valley.

In addition, visitors can also try outdoor activities such as the flying fox on the mountain top. Even a sunset view will make you amazed by the bluish color of the lake.

Biwako Terrace is located in Shiga prefecture, Otsu city, Kido 1547-1 with opening hours 9:10 to 16:00 (last order 15:30), and can also contact this place at + 81-77-592-1155.

Yokoyama Tenboudai (Yokoyama Observatory Deck)
Relax for a moment to enjoy the beautiful bay views.

Visitors can enjoy the gentle breeze that blows Soyo-kaze Terrace which is located on the hill.

There is also a large cafe with spacious glass walls.

One of the best cosmetically shaped coastlines in Japan, Ago bay, can be enjoyed from the Yokohama observation deck. In 2018, three observation decks in this place were renovated and transformed into wooden terraces. Visitors can see the beautiful scenery that gets an award from the "Michelin Green Guide Japan".

Yokoyama Tenboudai (Yokoyama Observation Deck) is located in Mie prefecture, Shima city, Ugata Ago-cho 875-20 with opening hours from 9:00 to 16:30, and can also contact this place at + 81-599-44-0567.

Mt. Observation Deck Zao
The terrace floor will be used as an illumination at night. The form of illumination is like a star river.

The color of the sunset will make visitors fall in love with the scenery here.

Mt. Observation Deck Zao has 360 degree views of Mikawa Bay, the Pacific Ocean, Japan's Southern Alps, and Mount Fuji. Night view on this place is included in "100 of the best night views in Japan". In addition, visitors can also enjoy beautiful sunset views here.

Mt. Observation Deck Zao is located in Aichi prefecture, Tahara city, Ura-cho, Zao 1-46, with hours open 9:00 to 22:00, and can also contact this place at + 81-531-22-0426.

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