"Relationship Goals"! These are Romantic Places in Japan

where is a romantic place to propose in japan

things to do in Tokyo, Japan - Most travelers who come to Japan are usually fascinated by the amazing culture and delicious food. However, this country also has several romantic spots that are suitable to be visited by couples who are in love.

In fact, these romantic places are full of legends that are said to be able to make couples who visit can get eternal love. We describe some of these places below, so you and your partner can make a romantic vacation plan in Japan!

Giant Ferris Wheel in Palette Town
best romantic place in japan

The Giant Sky Wheel in the Palette Town has a diameter of 100 meters. This is the most popular building in Odaiba. You will enjoy the trip for 16 minutes. Unbeatable panorama in the form of a city view from a height will appear before the eyes. We suggest you go up before sunset to get a romantic atmosphere.

The Palette Town Giant Sky Wheel is open from 10:00 to 22:00 on Friday and Saturday, and until 23:00 on the day before the national holiday. To reach this place, you can walk three minutes from Tokyo Teleport Station to the Rinkai Line or direct access from "Aomi Station" in Yurikamome.

Ticket prices: adults (12 years and over) 1,000 yen per person, children (4-11) years 500 yen per person, and group tickets (more than 20 people) 550 yen per person. You can visit their website for more detailed information.

Angel Road (Kagawa Prefecture)
most romantic place in japan

Angel Road is an sandbar that connects two different islands in the Kagawa area. This is a famous romantic place. The road only appears twice a day.

Legend has it that if couples join hands while walking on Angel Road, then their love will last forever and their wishes will come true. This myth is one reason young Japanese couples often visit this place every year.

You can go to Angel Road by taking a ferry from Takamatsu, Himeji, Shin-Okayama port to Shodoshima Island. Visit their website for more detailed information.

Nisa Bell on Asahidake Peak (Hokkaido)
the most romantic place in japan

Nisa's bell is located at the top of Asaridake. Couples ring the bell together as a symbol of their eternal love.

From the same place, you can see views of Ishikari Bay, Shakotan Peninsula, and the Niseko Mountains cluster. There is also a special elevator that you can use to climb to the top of the mountain.

There is a place called Kiroro Resort at the foot of the mountain. There is a chapel at Kiroro Resort which is usually used for wedding ceremonies. This is the perfect place to capture your love with your partner.

The Nisa Bell Asaridake Peak is located at 128-1 Aza-Tokiwa, Akaigawa-mura, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido. You can visit their website for more detailed information.

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