5 famous fireworks festivals in Japan

fireworks festival japan
fireworks festival japan
The summer season is indeed a good time to take a vacation in Japan from June to July-August, the temperature is relatively the same as in Indonesia, so we can easily enjoy a holiday without the hassle of getting long sleeves and thick jackets. Not only that, the joy of enjoying the fireworks festival is in sight. We can enjoy fireworks festivals held by hammers every weekend in different cities. Japanese Team Info has summarized the most famous festivals in Japan, survey results and online tour guides. Friends please help. and hopefully it will be useful in nautical Man holidays to Japan in the summer season.

1. Nagaoka Fireworks Festival
summer fireworks festival japan
summer fireworks festival japan

This Nagaoka spring festival has been a favorite fireworks tree for five consecutive years. With the scale of fireworks and the variety that is very diverse, followed by champions of fireworks makers in Japan, this year's festival always fascinates tourists. Holding in the Niigata area, across from the Japanese peninsula of Al Pena, in fact millions of tourists come to the Shimano River Join in Niigata Prefecture to watch the fireworks festival, which has two participating matches: August 2-3 in circulation 19: 25-21.10.
The Nagaoka am flower festival location can be accessed from the Nagaoka shinkansen train station by a 20-minute walk westward to the Nagaoka river pingo. Pita can arrive early and take a seat or order a special seat.

2. Tsuchiura Fireworks Festival 
tsuchiura all japan fireworks festival (ibaraki)
tsuchiura all japan fireworks festival (ibaraki)

Tsuchiura Fireworks and ranked number two because the festival supports the fireworks maker company throughout Japan. They race to win the champion of the fireworks maker. So, we can be sure the new model fireworks with new color shapes and variations will be displayed at this fireworks festival. Bag, friends who want to see it, we suggest coming after slang because there are so many people who will go here.

The festival is held on the edge of the Sakuragawa River, about 30 minutes' walk or take the shuttle bus and Tsuchiura Station via Lbaraki Prefecture, the first Saturday in October. This year the festival will be held on October 6, 2018, starting from 18:00 to 20:30. During the celebration the train travel schedule is also added, so that we can return to Tokyo after the fireworks festival ends.

3. Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival
fireworks festival in japan
fireworks festival in japan

If the Tsuchiura clan Nagaoka Fireworks Festival requires that Kite go outside the clan, stay overnight on the sane, there is a festival held in the middle of Tokyo: the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival. The Fireworks are held along the Sunda river, a large river that divides the city of Tokyo, in the Asakusa area, Tokyo Sky Tree to Ryogoku. We can see the big fireworks that illuminate the Tokyo sky among the skyscrapers. Please note that you have to arrive early in the morning so that Use gets a seat to see this fire because there are so many people coming. This festival declaim July 28 at 7:00 p.m.-20: 30.

4. Tenjin Fireworks Festival
fireworks festival japan 2019
Tenjin Fireworks Festival

Tenjin Matsurl is centered on Tenmangu Temple, Osaka. Tenjin fireworks festival was held on the second day of the Teniin pangs muslin festival with the peak celebration of 4000 fireworks launched along the Ogawa river. Friends who are on vacation to Osaka on the 25th of Ju11 2018 can attend the Tenjin fireworks festival which has been going on for more than 1,000 years and the Ind Festival starts at 19.30-20.50.

5. Miyajima Fireworks Festival
katakai fireworks festival japan
Miyajima Fireworks Festival

Fireworks celebrations at Miyajima should not be missed if your friends feature Hiroshima in mid-August. This festival is usually held one day in mid-August, at the 2018 National Court on August 25, 2018 on the Miwakima beach. It usually starts at 7:30 p.m. for a full hour. Klta Mud observes the beauty of the SkaM fireworks, and the Seto Inland sea night sky with the Torii Miyajima gate which is the world cultural heritage. This panorama is a panoramic view of the best fireworks festival for Japanese professional photographers.

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