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Hai friend. How are you? Today our designs are modern pooja room designs in the house. Firstly, what is the pooja room? A room constructs specially for the god to worships in the house. Actually Now a days all of the people wants to be modern. They are also wants to be their houses in the modern way. In this manner most of the Indians are looking for Pooja room ideas for their houses. So for this small designs are given by SaiRam.

In the above design there is a lord Ganesha in the beautiful room. The back side of the wall has beautiful design. The side walls design is awesome.

It is the long view of the design. The ceiling is covered with swasthik symbol with lights is beautiful. And the grass in the pooja room is different idea.

It is the side view of the pooja room. It includes the entire wall design and pooja samagri.

It is the corner view of the pooja room. Entirely the designs are beautiful and I likes these designs if you also likes the designs please comment and share.

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